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Little cutie in Izamal Centro

This little cutie is just waiting for the right person/family to come along to finish up the landscaping, and install... TY-005118

Price: $22,500 USD

Beer Budget Rock Home With Large Lot

Waiting for a small be 100% livable Great location in a peaceful small village just outside beautiful Izamal with... TY-005110

Price: $39,000 USD

Marianita's House

No need to spend more money! This house is for you if you are looking for a good price. Very... TY-004783

Price: $45,000 USD

The house with fruit trees

Seller is asking $950,000 pesos Excellent two floor house in the Historic Center of Merida,located on two blocks from the... TY-005073

Price: $47,000 USD


Near the Museum of the old train station and UNAM, this property is located in a quiet street, it has... TY-005130

Price: $47,500 USD

La Casa de Doña Tere.- Two blocks from La Plancha Park Project

The owner is asking: $900,000 MXP Fixer upper located two blocks from the La Plancha Park Project, the School of... TY-005166

Price: $47,800 USD

The House In The Corner, just a few blocks from San Sebastian

The owner is asking for: $990,000 MXP Cute house located a few blocks from San Sebastian and La Ermita de... TY-004955

Price: $52,000 USD

Fixer Upper with GREAT Potential

Fixer upper with GREAT potential in the Historic Center, located 7 blocks approximately from beautiful Santiago Park. Built on a... TY-004365

Price: $54,000 USD

Your next remodeling project in Garcia Gineres - Unbeatable Price!

Very well located with good potential to remodel and close to everything. The house is ready to be remodeled and... TY-005241

Price: $57,000 USD

The Sister's house.

Live the Yucatan dream in on of the more traditional neighborhoods Merida's centro has to offer, quiet and safe. The... TY-005154

Price: $58,500 USD

As Good A It Get´s - Convenient Location + Garage

Convenient location on quiet street with few traffic and no buses, close to supermarkets, the bus station, the zoo and... TY-004349

Price: $69,000 USD

All about location in Izamal Centro

Imagine stepping outside your front door and staring at a beautiful, historic Mayan pyramid right across the street. That's one... TY-005101

Price: $69,500 USD

High beamed ceilings, Huge lot! Near Chembech

Located in a quiet street near ChenBech market, this house has good potential and good bones. Part of the construction... TY-005171

Price: $72,500 USD

Great Colonial Fixer Upper in Santa Ana

Bargain opportunity! Seller is asking $1,500,000 pesos Inexpensive fixer upper located a few blocks from the desirable Barrio de Santa... TY-005233

Price: $74,000 USD

Great Business Opportunity in Santa Ana Area

Great location just a few blocks from the colorful Santa Ana Park and Paseo Montejo. Ideal for those looking for... TY-003865

Price: $75,000 USD

Affordable and with possibilities - Very close to Santiago Park

Great possibilities for your next project. Affordable price and with great location just a few blocks from Santiago Park. The... TY-005148

Price: $79,900 USD

Unique opportunity near Izamal Centro: Apartments, Business, and Home!

This is a fantastic opportunity to live and work on this very unique property. An office at the front of... TY-005119

Price: $84,900 USD

Old and Historical in Ake / Green Gold.

If what you are looking for is a real house to retire, then this is the option for you. If... TY-005059

Price: $85,000 USD

Is it a house or a restaurant or both in Izamal Centro?

This unique property is located at the intersection of two main cobblestone streets in colonial Izamal Centro. The only question... TY-005102

Price: $86,500 USD

House in Santiago

The property has four bedrooms, two of which are independently of the house and currently rent. It has three bathrooms,... TY-002817

Price: $89,000 USD

Great Fixer-upper with good bones - Santiago neighborhood

Great fixer-upper with good bones, ideal for your next renovation project. Privileged location between Santa Ana and Santiago neighborhoods. Built... TY-005237

Price: $94,500 USD


This house conserves its walls and its original condition being in the main park of the neighborhood of San Sebastian.... TY-005104

Price: $95,000 USD

Santa Ana Fixer upper, unbeatable location

Seller is asking $2,000,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further... TY-005230

Price: $99,000 USD

Casa Sol.- Beautiful floors, outdoor space, two blocks from Santiago

The owner is asking for $2'000,000 MXP Beautiful old house with beautiful colorful floors, located two blocks from the park... TY-005163

Price: $99,500 USD

Fixer upper with potential in the center of Merida

The owner asks for $2'000,000 MXP Colonial style house to remodel located in the middle of two well-known neighborhoods in... TY-005225

Price: $99,950 USD

Cutie in Blue - Great location & great potential just 4 blocks from Santiago Square

Excellent potential and with great location in a very privileged area just 4 blocks from Santiago Square. Very few properties... TY-005086

Price: $100,000 USD

Don't think it twice - Corner location in Santiago

Very well located with good potential and near Santiago's park with good bones. This great property is selling at a... TY-005134

Price: $105,000 USD

Good Bones just a few blocks from Santiago Park

Excellent structure and with great potential just a few blocks from beautiful Santiago Park where you will definitely find just... TY-005168

Price: $105,500 USD

Two for the Price of Just One!

Very good potential and well located near La Ermita neighborhood with huge lot. These two properties are sold together at... TY-004443

Price: $121,500 USD

Red Colonial / San Sebastian!

Original old colonial house with high beamed ceilings of more than 5 mts. An old pasta tile floor preserved in... TY-005076

Price: $125,000 USD

Two Houses in Santiago - Wow!

Very well located with huge potential and near the park of Santiago. These two properties are selling together for a... TY-005128

Price: $135,000 USD

Casa Carmela, Izamal! Very Old, Lovely Location

In the center of everything, and truly Colonial! The Historic Center of Izamal is small and these 300 year old... TY-004526

Price: $149,000 USD

Casona de las Rieles. A real colonial gem!

Beautiful house with a lot of potential to be restored, and very close to what will be the tourist echo-park... TY-004864

Price: $149,000 USD

Old Colonial Next To Izamal Convento!

Old and historic! Close to the arch and opposite the famous Convento. This requires top to bottom remodeling but the... TY-004533

Price: $149,900 USD

Old Historic home on large lot in Centro

This is an interesting older house on a large lot on one of the main corners in beautiful Izamal Centro.... TY-005122

Price: $149,900 USD

The Lawyer's Corner

Close to Mejorada's neighborhood sits this cute property, ideal for those looking to remodel something small yet comfortable to be... TY-003522

Price: $150,000 USD

New opportunity, near to San Sebastian

Great house with more than 17 meters wide, with many possibilities to be remodeled moderately, has a good sized and... TY-004620

Price: $150,000 USD

Huge Lot and very close to Plaza Santiago

Very well located with good potential to remodel near Santiago. The house is located on a quiet street and has... TY-005145

Price: $150,000 USD

One block from Santa Ana. Excellent Business potential!

Seller is asking for: $3'180,000 MXP Excellent location! Just one block from Santa Ana and right on one of the... TY-004684

Price: $162,000 USD

Valladolid Terra Cotta....

This old Colonial red home has charming Spanish Colonial details. Its three connecting front rooms lead to two spacious rooms... TY-001404

Price: $165,000 USD

Lots of Potential - All ready to remodel!

Very well located and lot of potential to remodel close to San Sebastian. The house is on a quiet street... TY-005205

Price: $169,000 USD

Location, Location! Perfect to Remodel - Garage and Big Lot!

With an unbeatable location, just off Paseo de Montejo between Santa Ana Square and the Hotel Zone, and only 5... TY-005208

Price: $179,000 USD

Centro, centro, centro Izamal!

It doesn't more Centro than this historic house, located right across the street from the Izamal city offices, and a... TY-005216

Price: $179,900 USD

Built on Top of a Maya Pyramid in the Heart of Izamal

This historic old house is just steps from the convent in the heart of Izamal. The beautiful high ceilings are... TY-005195

Price: $180,000 USD

Fixer Upper - Location, location, location!

Well located with good potential to remodel near Santa Ana and Paseo de Montejo. The house is on a quiet... TY-005238

Price: $185,000 USD

Downtown Offices - Remodel to Suit! C52 x 55

Here is a large amount of space in the heart of the Historic Center - suitable for offices, bodega or... TY-003606

Price: $195,000 USD

Antique with great potential

Colonial house for home or business, use immediately or remodel to your taste. Excellent location in the Historic Center of... TY-005165

Price: $195,000 USD

Be the king of this castle - Great location and perfect for business

Be the king of this castle with this beautiful colonial casona witrh great potential for business or home. Excellent location... TY-005236

Price: $205,000 USD

In Santa Ana - Perfect Location!

In the heart of the Historic Center near the art galleries, museums, restaurant and markets! Floors to die for and... TY-001665

Price: $207,000 USD

Remodel to your taste in Colonia Mexico - A unique piece in an exclusive Area!

A magnificent property located in colonia Mexico, you can remodel it to your taste! Ideal for home or business and... TY-004843

Price: $225,000 USD

Colonial with MAJOR possibilities – Great for Business or your own private mansion!

Magnificent corner property with great bones and great location in Merida Centro, a few blocks from San Juan Park and... TY-004934

Price: $235,000 USD

Crystal Shop

Just around the corner from the old train station, this is a great lot, and a great old house fixer... TY-002301

Price: $250,000 USD

Magnificent 300 yr Old Home - Casa del Gallo

One of the oldest houses in Merida - truly colonial and dating from around 1720 or earlier, this is a... TY-005159

Price: $250,000 USD

The best corner in town!

Location, location.. 6,700sq ft corner lot, with 130ft+ frontage facing the old ex convent and a small colonial structure as... TY-004237

Price: $270,500 USD

Art Deco Amour - On the Corner!

In the best area of ​​Garcia Gineres and near the historic center with everything you need. In the corner and... TY-004982

Price: $295,000 USD

Large Old House for Offices or Bodega

Total remodel necessary to make this abandoned commercial space into exactly what you need - offices, bodegas etc. Great location... TY-003607

Price: $300,000 USD

French, Elegant & Splendid Mansion on calle 59

Located in Santiago's neighborhood of Merida's Historic center, you'll find this magnificent property which offers to lovers and refined appreciators... TY-005248

Price: $349,000 USD

Cute House with Beautiful Pasta tile Floors!

With more than 600 m2 of land this house is ready to be renovated. Use it as you wish as... TY-005175

Price: $360,000 USD

Hotel in the City of Merida

Unrestored hotel for sale located in Merida Centro, one block away from the ADO Bus station. This property has the... TY-004904

Price: $595,000 USD

Grand Casona - Villa Maria Teresa

Ancient beauty in the center of Merida. The unique style of living in the Historic Center. This house ready to... TY-005004

Price: $985,000 USD

Investment opportunity in Merida

Past July, Fortune magazine named Yucatan one of the top six best places to invest in the whole world…and what... TY-004734

Price: $1,632,000 USD