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Little cutie in Izamal Centro

This little cutie is just waiting for the right person/family to come along to finish up the landscaping, and install... TY-005118

Price: $29,500 USD

Close to Centro & Ready to Renovate - Beautiful pasta tiles

Close to Centro, approximately 10 blocks away from areas like El Chembech and La Mejorada, you will find this property... TY-005088

Price: $35,000 USD

Beer Budget Rock Home With Large Lot

Waiting for a small be 100% livable Great location in a peaceful small village just outside beautiful Izamal with... TY-005110

Price: $39,000 USD

The house with fruit trees

Seller is asking $800,000 pesos Excellent two floor house in the Historic Center of Merida,located on two blocks from the... TY-005073

Price: $43,000 USD

Marianita's House

No need to spend more money! This house is for you if you are looking for a good price. Very... TY-004783

Price: $45,000 USD

Fixer upper near Santa Ana and Santiago

Opportunity! Seller is asking $980,000 pesos Inexpensive fixer upper located a few blocks from the desirable Barrio Santiago and Santa... TY-004862

Price: $45,900 USD


Near the Museum of the old train station and UNAM, this property is located in a quiet street, it has... TY-005130

Price: $47,500 USD

charming house in excellent location

Small house in a great location and with many good possibilities to finish it to your taste, because the structure... TY-004648

Price: $49,000 USD

Great Find between La Ermita and San Sebastian

Old house to remodel offered at an excellent price and in a very good location, between La Ermita and San... TY-005025

Price: $49,900 USD

Big Lot to Build in Itzimna!

A great lot on a quiet street just three blocks away from Itzimná park, a very old neighborhood and full... TY-004944

Price: $53,350 USD

Fixer Upper with GREAT Potential

Fixer upper with GREAT potential in the Historic Center, located 7 blocks approximately from beautiful Santiago Park. Built on a... TY-004365

Price: $54,000 USD

The Sister's house.

Live the Yucatan dream in on of the more traditional neighborhoods Merida's centro has to offer, quiet and safe. The... TY-005154

Price: $58,500 USD

Great little redo in Santa Ana

Incredible opportunity to remodel and expand this small colonial house in an unbeatable location. Even the house is 100% habitable... TY-005108

Price: $59,000 USD

The House In The Corner, just a few blocks from San Sebastian

The owner is asking for: $1'050,000 MXP Cute house located a few blocks from San Sebastian and La Ermita de... TY-004955

Price: $62,000 USD

Beautiful Facade - Great Bones For Your Next Project

Beautiful property with a very unique façade, completely covered in pasta tiles with a gorgeous design. What´s really amazing is... TY-004336

Price: $65,000 USD

As Good A It Get´s - Convenient Location + Garage

Convenient location on quiet street with few traffic and no buses, close to supermarkets, the bus station, the zoo and... TY-004349

Price: $69,000 USD

All about location in Izamal Centro

Imagine stepping outside your front door and staring at a beautiful, historic Mayan pyramid right across the street. That's one... TY-005101

Price: $69,500 USD

Large lot in Valladolid ( Beautiful Barrio Sisal!)

Large, walled in lot, with two separate structures, basic kitchen and bathroom on each. A nice start for a fixer... TY-004576

Price: $70,000 USD

Great Business Opportunity in Santa Ana Area

Great location just a few blocks from the colorful Santa Ana Park and Paseo Montejo. Ideal for those looking for... TY-003865

Price: $75,000 USD

Affordable and with possibilities - Very close to Santiago Park

Great possibilities for your next project. Affordable price and with great location just a few blocks from Santiago Park. The... TY-005148

Price: $79,900 USD

Old house in the Heart of Centro

To just 5 blocks away from Plaza Grande stands this antique beauty waiting to be renovated to your own style... TY-005156

Price: $79,900 USD

Casa La Conchita - Practical and Safe!

Excellent corner location, just 4 blocks from the beautiful Paseo de Montejo. It has a total of 128 square meters... TY-003885

Price: $80,000 USD

The Scent of Lemon - Location with class next to Garcia Gineres + garage

Home in a very quiet convenient residential area with great potential, paritcularly if you want to enjoy the Historic Center... TY-004348

Price: $80,000 USD

Unique opportunity near Izamal Centro: Apartments, Business, and Home!

This is a fantastic opportunity to live and work on this very unique property. An office at the front of... TY-005119

Price: $84,900 USD

Clean Home for Redo, Very large Lot off The Beaten Track!

In excellent basic condition with big rooms, nice pasta floors and a huge 627m lot! Set back from the street... TY-005028

Price: $85,000 USD

Old and Historical in Ake / Green Gold.

If what you are looking for is a real house to retire, then this is the option for you. If... TY-005059

Price: $85,000 USD

Is it a house or a restaurant or both in Izamal Centro?

This unique property is located at the intersection of two main cobblestone streets in colonial Izamal Centro. The only question... TY-005102

Price: $86,500 USD

House in Santiago

The property has four bedrooms, two of which are independently of the house and currently rent. It has three bathrooms,... TY-002817

Price: $89,000 USD

16145 ft2 of land with Old Colonial house, big warehouse included

Unbeatable price for this MAGNIFFICENT PROPERTY IT has a: big PIECE of LAND for multiple requirement or Investment, IT HAS:... TY-005131

Price: $89,000 USD


This house conserves its walls and its original condition being in the main park of the neighborhood of San Sebastian.... TY-005104

Price: $95,000 USD

Cutie in Blue - Great location & great potential just 4 blocks from Santiago Square

Excellent potential and with great location in a very privileged area just 4 blocks from Santiago Square. Very few properties... TY-005086

Price: $100,000 USD

Perfect and well located bettween Santa Ana and Santiago for Your next project

Very well located in the best area of ​​the historic center and with everything you need. Quiet street all services... TY-004649

Price: $105,000 USD

Don't think it twice - Corner location in Santiago

Very well located with good potential and near Santiago's park with good bones. This great property is selling at a... TY-005134

Price: $105,000 USD

Two for the Price of Just One!

Very good potential and well located near La Ermita neighborhood with huge lot. These two properties are sold together at... TY-004443

Price: $121,500 USD

Red Colonial / San Sebastian!

Original old colonial house with high beamed ceilings of more than 5 mts. An old pasta tile floor preserved in... TY-005076

Price: $125,000 USD

Let the Sunshine In again! / Great Spaces, Great Location

Magnificent property to remodel Art-Deco style with a splendid size of 315 m2 with a front of 15 meters by... TY-004886

Price: $130,000 USD

Two Houses in Santiago - Wow!

Very well located with huge potential and near the park of Santiago. These two properties are selling together for a... TY-005128

Price: $135,000 USD

Casa Carmela, Izamal! Very Old, Lovely Location

In the center of everything, and truly Colonial! The Historic Center of Izamal is small and these 300 year old... TY-004526

Price: $149,000 USD

Casona de las Rieles. A real colonial gem!

Beautiful house with a lot of potential to be restored, and very close to what will be the tourist echo-park... TY-004864

Price: $149,000 USD

Old Colonial Next To Izamal Convento!

Old and historic! Close to the arch and opposite the famous Convento. This requires top to bottom remodeling but the... TY-004533

Price: $149,900 USD

Old Historic home on large lot in Centro

This is an interesting older house on a large lot on one of the main corners in beautiful Izamal Centro.... TY-005122

Price: $149,900 USD

The Lawyer's Corner

Close to Mejorada's neighborhood sits this cute property, ideal for those looking to remodel something small yet comfortable to be... TY-003522

Price: $150,000 USD

New opportunity, near to San Sebastian

Great house with more than 17 meters wide, with many possibilities to be remodeled moderately, has a good sized and... TY-004620

Price: $150,000 USD

Huge Lot and very close to Plaza Santiago

Very well located with good potential to remodel near Santiago. The house is located on a quiet street and has... TY-005145

Price: $150,000 USD

One block from Santa Ana. Excellent Business potential!

Seller is asking for: $3'180,000 MXP Excellent location! Just one block from Santa Ana and right on one of the... TY-004684

Price: $162,000 USD

Valladolid Terra Cotta....

This old Colonial red home has charming Spanish Colonial details. Its three connecting front rooms lead to two spacious rooms... TY-001404

Price: $165,000 USD

Villa El Encanto ( Colonial)

Very located in the best area of ​​Santa Ana and Santiago and near the historic center with everything you need.... TY-005079

Price: $185,000 USD

Colonial with MAJOR possibilities – Great for Business or your own private mansion!

Magnificent corner property with great bones and great location in Merida Centro, a few blocks from San Juan Park and... TY-004934

Price: $190,000 USD

Downtown Offices - Remodel to Suit! C52 x 55

Here is a large amount of space in the heart of the Historic Center - suitable for offices, bodega or... TY-003606

Price: $195,000 USD

In Santa Ana - Perfect Location!

In the heart of the Historic Center near the art galleries, museums, restaurant and markets! Floors to die for and... TY-001665

Price: $207,000 USD

Remodel to your taste in Colonia Mexico - A unique piece in an exclusive Area!

A magnificent property located in colonia Mexico, you can remodel it to your taste! Ideal for home or business and... TY-004843

Price: $225,000 USD

Magnificent 300 yr Old Home - Casa del Gallo

One of the oldest houses in Merida - truly colonial and dating from around 1720 or earlier, this is a... TY-005159

Price: $249,900 USD

Crystal Shop

Just around the corner from the old train station, this is a great lot, and a great old house fixer... TY-002301

Price: $250,000 USD

The best corner in town!

Location, location.. 6,700sq ft corner lot, with 130ft+ frontage facing the old ex convent and a small colonial structure as... TY-004237

Price: $270,500 USD

Great lot and house with huge potential in Garcia Gineres

Over 1,000 meters lot with huge construction of more than 400 mts. Renovation project in an exquisite neighborhood without complications... TY-004310

Price: $292,000 USD

Art Deco Amour - On the Corner!

In the best area of ​​Garcia Gineres and near the historic center with everything you need. In the corner and... TY-004982

Price: $295,000 USD

Large Old House for Offices or Bodega

Total remodel necessary to make this abandoned commercial space into exactly what you need - offices, bodegas etc. Great location... TY-003607

Price: $300,000 USD

Hotel in the City of Merida

Unrestored hotel for sale located in Merida Centro, one block away from the ADO Bus station. This property has the... TY-004904

Price: $595,000 USD

Grand Casona - Villa Maria Teresa

Ancient beauty in the center of Merida. The unique style of living in the Historic Center. This house ready to... TY-005004

Price: $1,178,000 USD

Investment opportunity in Merida

Past July, Fortune magazine named Yucatan one of the top six best places to invest in the whole world…and what... TY-004734

Price: $1,632,000 USD